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Operation Bayou Buckeye | Cleveland Web Design
Cleveland Ohio

JMG Software teams up with J. Wells Enterprises, Inc.

The Italian Job | Cleveland Web Design
Cleveland Ohio

JMG Software signs on to deliver their functionalBeauty! I so wish they all could be.

Operation California Girl | Cleveland Web Design
Akron Ohio

JMG Software begins work on Operation California Girl.

Report Scheduling | Cleveland Web Design
Cleveland Ohio

JMG Software signs a deal to develop a custom web based Reporting Tool!

The Alamo | Custom Responsive Web Design & Website Development
Dallas Texas

JMG Software inks a deal to join The Alamo Team! c#, html5, css3, javaScript, && SQL Server.

Kaplan Trucking Company | html2PDF
Cleveland Ohio

JMG Software successfully implements a custom vb.net Windows Communication Foundation web service tool that dynamically cleans and formats html to be saved and downloaded as a PDF file from the web.

The Flower Factory | Promotion Builder
Canton Ohio

JMG Software successfully completes a new custom vb.net 4.0 web tool.

The Timken Company | Process Improvement Conversion
Canton Ohio
JMG Software successfully completes a VB6 to c# 4.0 windows application conversion for The Timken Company.
Akron Auto Clinic | Website Conversion and Social Media Management
Akron Ohio

JMG Software successfully completes a website conversion and social media management for Akron Auto Clinic. www.akronautoclinic.com

The Timken Company | Web Tool Reporting
Canton Ohio

JMG Software successfully completes a custom c# 4.0 reporting web tool for The Timken Company.

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JMG Software is a global full service internet software company that allows you to witness cutting edge technology that works for you! We provide web design services nationwide and are located in Akron, near Cleveland, Ohio.

Since opening for business by Jeff Gildone in 2000, JMG Software has been focused on bringing clients around the world one of the best combinations of current technology resources. We select Technology resources that are easy to use for beginners and powerful enough for an enterprise client.

Our goal is to keep you busy using your website not fixing it or trying to figure it out. Combined with our outstanding support staff we have created an effective atmosphere to call your next website home. Have JMG Software take the guesswork, wasted time, or wasted revenue out of launching your next web solution by emailing us NOW!

We use only the most modern state of the art data centers located in the USA.  Our servers will give your website the power for today's demanding hosting applications. JMG Software has built a strong network for hosting ASP.NET websites and DotNetNuke Portals. If your current hosting provider is still using old technology and has no idea how to manage ASP.NET websites try us and you will see we mean business when it comes to ASP.NET. We can implement a variety of Microsoft and other ASP.NET software solutions to give our clients productive Internet/Intranet portal sites that are effective and easy to manage.

If you have any questions prior to launching your next site this is the best time to make changes. If you need assistance in planning the move or startup site contact our experienced sales team we will be happy to assist you and make it happen with fewer problems.

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