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Cleveland eCommerce Design, Development and Integration!

JMG Software provides Cleveland Ohio with a total eCommerce solution, including front-end cart design, secure credit card payment transactions, and real time inventory management. Add eCommerce to your existing site, or start from scratch, we create professional functional eCommerce websites used by millions around the world! Don't have a catalog yet? No problem! JMG Software will work with you to develop an online catalog TODAY!

What is eCommerce?

E-commerce is the selling of products or services over the Internet. E-commerce can be as simple as offering something on a Web page and asking visitors interested in the product to send you money through the mail. It can also be much more complicated, utilizing shopping carts for customers to track the products they want to purchase, payment gateways that process credit card payments in real time, SSL to collect sensitive payment information, and store-fronts that can be customized and keep track of product inventory.

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We are a creative technology company providing key web services and focused on helping our clients build a successful business on the internet using multiple devices.

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